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Distance Reiki

Bring balance to your energy.
Bring balance to your life.

Your soul is always communicating, love, balance, and support. Through a Distance Reiki Healing Session, we connect through Divine energy which aids in balancing the chakras and restoring the body back to its natural state of harmony and equilibrium.


3 Sessions — $325
5 Sessions — $525

with Katie
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Mediumship Reading

Hear from your loved ones who've passed

Using intuitive abilities to connect you with your loved ones who have passed, this experience can aid in healing and provide guidance & comfort.


with Maggie
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Psychic Tarot Card Reading

Are you ready to deepen your connection with your Soul?

Through Tarot Cards, we are able to tap into the past, present, and future while bringing forward your soul's intuitive knowing and translating it into clear and tangible guidance for your everyday life.


with Christine
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Intuitive Reading

Invest in your spiritual well-being

Through an Intuitive Reading, you'll receive guidance on your spiritual journey, career, self-care, relationships, love, and more.

$55 / $110

with Nichole
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Astrology Reading

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with Jessica

Have the universe answer your soul's questions

Through your Astrology Chart Reading, you'll be shown your potential strengths, challenges, and inborn talents and areas where you tend to get stuck.


You'll be shown your inner resources and what you have to draw upon to manifest your soul's highest purpose.


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Guided Meditations

Glenn Harrold takes you on a healing journey through his Guided Meditations. Explore and unlock parts of your DNA that can aid in restoring your body to its natural state. 

with Glenn Harrold

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